COE: Regarding the scope of the representative when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility

We have created an article summarizing the scope of representation when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility ” COE “.

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When creating an application for a Certificate of Eligibility, the word “proxy” will appear, but some of you may be wondering whose name to write. If you know that an administrative scrivener is not an agent because they are called intermediary administrative scriveners, you are probably familiar with immigration services. Although it may be called basic, in this article I have summarized about agents.

Who is the agent when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility ” COE “?

What is a Certificate of Eligibility ” COE “?

The Certificate of Eligibility is a document that certifies in advance that a foreigner wishing to enter Japan meets the conditions for landing.

The status of residence “Temporary Visitor” is excluded from the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility.

Who is the agent when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility ” COE “?

Applications for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility can be made on behalf of an employee of the institution that is accepting the foreign national, or a relative.

In principle, the foreign national who wishes to land in Japan must apply for the issuance, but since the foreign national is usually in a foreign country, an agent must apply.

An agent differs from an agent under civil law in that it means someone who carries out procedures on your behalf.

Who are the person’s relatives living in Japan?

The scope of relatives is “blood relatives within the 6th degree of kinship,” “spouse,” and “kin by marriage within the 3rd degree of kinship” under Article 725 of the Civil Code.

Residence status: “Spouse, etc. of Japanese National” (In the case of a spouse) Since there are many cases where the spouse is a Japanese national in Japan, it is common for that person to act as the application agent.

In cases where both the Japanese spouse and the foreign spouse live outside Japan, the
Japanese spouse or foreign spouse (the applicant) will be asked to temporarily come to Japan. There is a need.

representative COE
representative COE

An administrative scrivener is an intermediary, not an agent.

The administrative scrivener who handles applications is an “application intermediary” who submits applications, etc. on behalf of foreign nationals.

After receiving specific training, I submitted a notification to the Immigration Bureau via the Administrative Scrivener Association and became an application agent.

Therefore, the “Signature of the applicant (proxy)” column on the application form for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility must be handwritten by the applicant or the applicant’s proxy.

The administrative scrivener will write their name in the “Agent” column and affix their official seal.

Activities involving work that requires skilled skills in a special industrial field based on contracts with public and private institutions in Japan.

As mentioned above, the activity requirements for a skilled worker visa are determined.

This is different from specific skills and technical training.

Reference) Ministry of Justice/Immigration Control Related Laws, etc.

What is the visa application cost estimate for VISA de AI?

From the standpoint of an application agent, VISA de AI takes into account the applicant’s educational background and work history, calculates the likelihood of obtaining a visa, and estimates the visa application cost.

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